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As the Ashigaru Spearman was the main force in group combat, the Ashigaru Harquebus was the prime choice of warfare. Taking an untrained soldier and handing him a harquebus required very little training. All that was required was to teach him to load and shoot the harquebus while holding his position. An army of Ashigaru Harquebus could fire a wall of lead smashing the largest cavalry charge and reducing it to a mere pittance.

The harquebus revolutionized the way battles were fought. No longer was there a need to face your enemy, to look him in the eye before bringing him to his demise. Charging samurai cavalry, once the heart of a daimyo’s army, could be decimated by this faceless army of low-class warriors. To Einar, this was a perfect complement to the rest of his army. On Valhalla, the Ashigaru Harquebus are similarly altering the face of warfare.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 6
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 1
  • Figures Per Squad: 4


  • Wait Then Fire:
    If none of the Ashigaru Harquebus move this turn, add 1 die to their attack.


  • Hatamoto Taro: Heroic Defense Aura
    As Ashigaru, the Ashigaru Harquebus may benefit from Hatamoto Taro’s Heroic Defense Aura.
  • Kato Katsuro: Kato Katsuro's Command
    As Ashigaru Harquebus, the Ashigaru Harquebus may benefit from Kato Katsura's Command Ability.
  • Sacred Band: Disciplined Army Defense Bonus
    Having a "Disciplined" Personality, the Ashigaru Harquebus are compatible the Sacred Band's Disciplined Army Defense Bonus.

Behind the Game

A harquebus is a gun-powder weapon used in pre-modern Japan, however the word as no meaning in the English language, so these units are usually referred to as Ashigaru Riflemen and are called so throughout this wiki. However this page still calls them "Harquebus" to make it easier to search for them.

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