Battle for the Underdark, was a Heroscape Master Set released in January 2010. It introduced dungeon and shadow terrain. The set preceded the Champions of the Forgotten Realms expansion sets.


Legends of the D&D universe come to Heroscape! The hordes of evil must be stopped. The Valkyrie Generals representing the forces of good have summoned brave adventurers to embark on a quest to defeat the black dragons and their wicked allies. Who will prevail and who will perish? Iconic characters and monsters from the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons joins forces with the ultimate build and battle miniatures game to bring new dimensions of fun for everyone! Battle a troll, a band of drow (dark elves), and ultimately face the evil black dragon. Fifty configurable terrain pieces ensures hours of replay as you design your own battles. Choose one of the five customizable game scenarios included or create a scenario of your own – its all up to you!


Master set 3 contained ten figures.

Ana Karithon-Einar

Tandros Kreel-Einar

Erevan Sunshadow-Jandar

Darrak Ambershard-Aquilla


Feral Troll-Utgar

Othkurik the Black Dragon-Utgar

Deepwyrm Drow-Utgar

Terrain Tiles

Master Set Three has less terrain tiles and figures than any other Heroscape Master Set. It made up for that by introducing new shadow and dungeon terrain. It only contained 50 terrain tiles.

2 Dungeon Tiles 24 hex

3 Dungeon Tiles 7 hex

2 Dungeon Tiles 3 hex

2 Dungeon Tiles 2 hex

2 Dungeon Tiles 1 hex

8 Shadow Tiles 1 hex

12 Water Tiles 1 hex

1 Rock Tile 1 hex

1 Rock Tile 2 hex

2 Rock Tiles 3 hex

3 Rock Tiles 7 hex

3 Sand Tiles 7 hex

1 Sand Tile 2 hex

1 Sand Tile 1 hex

1 Grass Tile 3 hex

1 Grass Tile 2 hex

1 Grass Tile 1 hex

1 Rock Outcrop and Shadow Base 3 hex

3 Rock Outcrops and Shadow Bases 1 hex