Ferocious in battle, the Blade Grut warriors are the backbone of the Orc army. As a wild, unintelligent species, they are difficult to control; but they are highly effective when trained to follow their assigned leaders, and they take their orders without question or hesitation. On the battlefield, their leaders always attack first. And the Blade Gruts fiercely follow their example. If separated from their leaders, Blade Gruts become confused, and they often lose a good deal of their savagery.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 6
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 2
  • Points: 40
  • Figures per Squad: 4


  • Orc Champion Bonding:
    Before taking a turn with Blade Gruts, you may first take a turn with any Orc Champion you control.
  • Disengage:
    Blade Gruts are never attacked when leaving an engagement.


  • Grimnak / Tornak : Orc Warrior Enhancement
    As Orc Warriors, Blade Gruts may benefit from Grimnak and Tornak’s Orc Warrior Enhancement attack and defense ability.
  • Ornak: Orc Battle Cry Aura
    As Orc Warriors, Blade Gruts may benefit from Ornak’s Orc Battle Cry Aura attack ability.
  • Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider: Orc Defensive Aura 1
    As Orcs, Blade Gruts may benefit from Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider’s Orc Defensive Aura 1 ability.


Blade Gruts can be a very effective unit when drafted with leaders such as Grimnak or Tornak. When doing this, it is best to have multiple squads to maximize their Orc Champion Bonding. Blade Gruts are very versatile units who can find a niche in any battleplan, serving as shock troops, a vanguard, light infantry, or even skirmishers.

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