Heroscape: Dungeons & Dragons Assortment 2 - Warriors Of Eberron:

The hordes of evil must be stopped! Goblins, ogres, mindflayers, and fire giants! The Warriors of Khovaire are summoned to the greatest battle of all time. Will the Warriors of Eberron be enough to stem the tide? Iconic characters and monsters from the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons joins forces with the ultimate build and battle miniatures game to bring new dimensions of fun for everyone!

This second Dungeons & Dragons-themed Heroscape assortment includes: Heroes of Khorvaire, Golem and Wyrmlings, Veterans of the Last War, and Ogre and Goblins.

Heroes of Khorvaire:

The mighty fire giant Shurrak cleaves his foes in two with his gigantic iron blade.

Mika Connour is a deadly fighter who hides in the dark of night, surprising foes from the shadows.

The Warforged Wizard known simply as Heirloom is a master of magic, striking down foes with mystical orbs of force.

Rhogar Dragonspine is a Dragonborn paladin who heals wounds with the touch of his hands.

Elementals follow the powerful hobgoblin, Kurrok the Elementalist.

Golem and Wyrmlings: Add Winged Fury and Iron's Might to your army!

The Iron Golem's metal armor turns aside weapons and claws as it advances relentlessly.

Dragon Wyrmlings are ferocious fighters that breathe fire and frost upon their foes. Each color of dragon breathes a different form of elemental energy, from the black dragon's caustic acid to the blue dragon's bolt 'of lightning

Veterans of the Last War: Soliders from Eberron's Last War!

The Warforged Soldiers were originally built as war machines. Although they seek another purpose, many continue to fight the war for which they were constructed.

A Mind Flayer Mastermind assaults his foes with overwhelming mental blasts, enslaving weaker creatures to its own will

A Werewolf Lord spreads the plague of lycanthropy, causing enemy heroes to transform into raging beasts.

Ogre and Goblins: Footsoldiers for Utgar's Army

The Ogre Warhulk has the power to fight whole armies at a time, which is for the best - its allies fear its mighty flail as much as its enemies

Single Goblin Cutters are nothing to fear, but in numbers they are a force to be taken seriously

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