Dawn of Darkness (Wave 6) was released March 2007. Each pack contained figures and 2 two-hex tiles. Jandar received 1 hero and no new squads; Ullar received no new units; Vydar received no new units; Einar received 2 heroes and 2 squads; Utgar received 2 heroes and 4 squads.


Heroes of Durgeth:

Runa's Helm of Mitonsoul can crush foes up to 3 spaces away. Kaemon Awa's double attack and counterstrike sap the enemy's life force. Toxic Skin and Mind Shackle give Kee-Mo-Shi a decisive edge. Kiova's Gift of the Empress boosts the defense of her fellow Kyrie. Eldgrim's Overextend Attack gives him extra turns; if he destroyed, his spirit inspires his followers![1]

Archers & Kyrie:

Einar Imperium: The highly disciplined Imperium squad adds the power of double attack to your army. And as Kyrie, their flying ability comes in handy for quick escapes over uneven terrain.

Tagawa Samurai Archers: These hot-blooded masters of surprise use their Counterstrike power when attacked, turning all extra shields into unblockable hits on their attackers![2]

Shades & Orcs:

Shades of Bleakewoode: These ghoulish warriors take control of nearby Heroes with their insidious Soul Devour power. Their stealth Flying power enables them to travel quickly over uneven terrain.

Heavy Gruts: Their razor-sharp axes cut a vicious swath of across any battlefield. Heavy Gruts inspire Orc Champions to extra turns and easily fend off leaving engagement attacks.[3]

Zombie Horde:

They are two separate squads, but the Zombies of Morindan can join forces to overwhelm the opposition. Their Horde Movement allows all six to move in one turn, and three Zombies can combine their attack dice to launch one massive strike. But their greatest threat maybe their Zombies Rise Again ability: when a Zombie defeats an enemy, a destroyed fellow zombie may rise again to replace it![4]


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