Defenders of Kinsland (Wave 8) was released June 2008. Each pack contain figures but no terrain. Jandar received 1 new hero and no new squads; Ullar received 6 new heroes and no new squads; Vydar received 1 new hero and no new squads; Einar recevied 1 new hero and 1 new squad; Utgar received no new heroes and 2 squads.


Heroes of the Molten Sea:

Moriko's Phantom Walk power allows her to stealthly pass through your opponent's figures. Sir Dupuis can additional dice to his attack, while Otonashi's Tricky Speed may allow her to move additional spaces. Chardris' Fire Strike draws power from other Elf Wizards, while Kato Katsuro's Command power can activate a swquad to aid in an attack.[1]


Emirroon's Summoning Spell may allow you to Summon Elves adjacent to Emirroon. Arkmer's and Jorhdawn's powers incease when near other Elves. Ulginesh's Mind Link allows you to take a turn with two Elf Wizards.[2]

Militia & Wolves:

Wolves of Badru's Pounce Special Attack packs a punch when used against your enemies. Plus, their special climbing ability may double their height when moving. The 10th Regiment of Foot may use their special Melee Defense to add an additional die to every defense roll against an adjacent attack.[3]

Marro Cavalry:

Bold & brave, Grok Riders bond with any Marro Warlord. When attacking any figure that is adjacent to a Marro Warlord, Grok Riders are also able to use their Mark of the Warlord power to add 2 to their attack roll.[4]


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