Einar is one of the original five Valkyrie Generals. When the war began, Einar, wishing to carve out a mighty empire for himself, allied with the other empire builder: Utgar. During the Swarm of the Marro, though, he came to realize that Utgar would never share Valhalla with him, so he joined forces with Jandar, Ullar, Vydar and Aquilla.

Einar is often thought of as the "past" general. He is technically the weakest of all the Valkyrie, in as far as his summoning power goes, Einar usually summons figures from out of Earth's past, the easiest space/time for Valkyrie to summon reinforcements, but he also summoned a dragon from Icaria and an ogre from Feylund. Originally he was best known for his Roman Legions that made up the bulk of his army, but they were later eclipsed by Einar's Samurai.

Einar's Army

Einar's Army consists of:

Dragon -

Emperor: Zelrig

Wyrmlings: Red Wyrmling

Elemental -

Construct: Earth Elemental

Firbolg -

Hunters: Master of the Hunt

Human -

Soldiers: Roman IX Legionnaires

Archers: Roman Archers

Warlords: Marcus Decimus Gallus

Soldiers: Sacred Band

Warlords: Parmenio

Ashigaru: Ashigaru Harquebus, Ashigaru Yari

Daimyo: Kato Katsuro

Samurai: Hatamoto Taro, Izumi Samurai, Kaemon Awa, Kozuke Samurai, Tagawa Samurai, Tagawa Samurai Archers

Gladiators: Crixus, Retiarius, Spartacus, Capuan Gladiators

Lawmen: Guilty McCreech

Warlord: Valguard

Ninjas: Ninjas of the Northern Wind, Shiori

Soldiers: 10th Regiment of Foot

Clerics: Ana Karithon

Fighters: Tandros Kreel

Kyrie -

Soldiers: Einar Imperium

Warrior: Empress Kiova

Ogre -

Guard: Gurei-Oni