Below is a list of the expansion waves released.

Wave 1: Malliddon's Prophecy


Heroes of Bleakwood: Kelda the Kyrie Warrior, Marcus Decimus Gallus, Taelord the Kyrie Warrior, Venoc

Warlord, and Tornak

The IX Roman Legion: Roman Legionnaires and Roman Archers

Grut Orcs: Arrow Gruts and Blade Gruts

Snipers & Vipers: Omnicron Snipers and Venoc Vipers

Wave 2: Utgar's Rage

Heroes of Barrenspur: Sir Denrick, Khosumet the Darklord, Me-Burq-Sa, and Krug.

Drones & Minions: Minions of Utgar and Marro Drones

Knights & The Swog Rider: Knights of Weston and Swog Rider

Minutemen & Wolves: 4th Massachusetts Line and Anubian Werewolves

Wave 3: Jandar's Oath

Heroes of Nostralund: Alastair MacDirk, Concan the Kyrie Warrior, Deathwalker 7000, Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan, and Saylind the Kyrie Warrior

Monks & Guards: Sentinels of Jandar and Shaolin Monks

Kilts & Commandos: MacDirk Warriors and Microcorp Agents

Gorillas & Hounds: Gorillinators and Marrden Hounds

Wave 4: Zanafor's Discovery

Heroes of Trollsford: Sudema, Morsbane, Parmenio, Valguard, and Major X17

Lawmen & Samurai: James Murphy, Guilty McCreech, Deadeye Dan, and Tagawa Samurai

Soulborgs & Elves: Aubrien Archers and Gladiatrons

Greeks & Vipers: Sacred Band and Armoc Vipers

Wave 5: Thora's Vengeance

Gladiators & Agents: Nakita Agents, Spartacus, Crixus, and Retiarius

Ninjas & Samurai: Ninjas of the Northern Wind and Kozuke Samurai

Soulborgs: Blastatrons and Deathstalkers

Warriors & Soulborgs: Warriors of Ashra and Deathreavers

Wave 6: Dawn of Darkness

Heroes of Durgeth: Eldgrim the Viking Champion, Empress Kiova, Kaemon Awa, Kee-Mo-Shi, and Runa

Archers & Kyrie: Einar Imperium and Tagawa Samurai Archers

Shades & Orcs: Heavy Gruts and Shades of Bleakwoode

Zombie Horde: Zombies of Morindan (x2)

Wave 7: Fields of Valor

Heroes of Elswin: Cyprien Esenwein, Sonya Esenwein, Warden 816, Isamu, and Kyntela Gwyn

Vampire & Fiends: Iskra Esenwein, Rechets of Bogdan, and Marcu Esenwein

Riflemen & Spearmen: Ashigaru Riflemen and Ashigaru Spearmen

Knights Templar: Templar Cavalry

Wave 8: Defenders of Kinsland

Heroes of the Molten Sea: Sir Dupuis, Chardris, Moriko, Kato Katsuro, and Otonashi

Elves: Ulginesh, Jorhdawn, Emirroon and Arkmer

Soldiers & Wolves: 10th Regiment of Foot and Wolves of Badru

Marro Cavalry: Grok Riders

Wave 9: Blackmoon Siege

Heroes of the Moon Tribe: Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior, Migol Ironwill, Tul-Bak-Ra, Brave Arrow, and Kumiko

Dividers and Defenders: Marro Dividers and Protectors of Ullar

Dwarves and Repulsors: The Axegrinders of Burning Forge and Omnicron Repulsors

Braves and Brawlers: Mohican River Tribe and Capuan Gladiators

Wave 10: Special Release: Valkrill's Gambit

Champions of Renown: Sir Hawthorne, Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider and Elite Onyx Vipers

Warriors & Soulborgs: Deathreavers and Warriors of Ashra

Soulborgs: Blastatrons and Deathstalkers

Warriors of Feldspar: Granite Guardians and Quasatch Hunters

Wave 11: Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Fury of the Primordials: Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental, Air Elemental, and Wyvern

Glaun Bog Raiders: Greenscale Warriors, Drow Chainfighter, and Greater Ice Elemental

Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen: Phantom Knights, Sahuagin Raider, and Fen Hydra

Heroes of Faerun: Estivara, Torin, Sharwin Wildborn, Brandis Skyhunter, and Mogrimm Forgehammer

Wave 12: Warriors of Eberron

Golem and Wyrmlings: Iron Golem, Black Wyrmling, White Wyrmling, Blue Wyrmling, and Red Wyrmling

Ogre and the Goblins: Ogre Warhulk and Goblin Cutters

Veterans of the Last War: Warforged Soldiers, Mind Flayer Mastermind, and Werewolf Lord

Heroes of Khorvaire: Kurrok the Elementalist, Rhogar Dragonspine, Shurrak, Heirloom, and Mika Connour

Wave 13: Moltenclaw's Invasion

Bugbears and Orcs: Horned Skull Brutes and Death Chasers of Thesk

Valkrill's Legion: Mezzodemon Warmongers, Ogre Pulverizer, and Death Knights of Valkrill

Icewind Scourge: Frost Giant of Morh, Ice Troll Berserker, and Master of the Hunt

Heroes of Fallcrest: Eltahale, Siege, Evar Scarcarver, and Moltenclaw

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