Fields of Valor (Wave 7) was released June 2007. Each pack contained figures but no terrain. Jandar received no new heroes and 1 squad; Ullar received 1 new heroine and no new squads; Vydar received no new units; Einar received no new heroes and 2 squads; Utgar received 5 heroes and 1 squad.


Heroes of Elswin:

Cyprien Esenwein can destroy a great Hero in just one Chilling Touch! Cyprien is even stronger with the presence of his bride, Sonya. Warden 816 will increase your Guard's movement. Kyntela adds defense to friendly elves, while Isamu is a great low cost hero.[1]

Vampire & Fiends:

Iskra Esenwein has the ability to summon the Rechets of Bogdan who will deliver a lethal sting to their opponents. Marcu Esenwein is powerful, but beware his shifting loyalties.[2]

Riflemen & Spearmen:

The Ashigaru Rilfemen lie in wait, determined to inflict maximum damage on their attackers. Once the enemy is within range they are called into action; their steely nerves enable a deadly first blow. Ashigaru Spearmen may combine their strength, enabling them to gang up on their enemies. [3]

Knights Templar:

The Templar Cavalry is in place and ready to charge at any time. Call upon them to raid the enemy or rush to your defense. When attacking Utgar followers, Templar Cavalry receive 1 additional attack die.[4]


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