Guards protect and defend important persons (such as messengers or military commanders), places (such as bridges or castles), or things (such as confidential information or sacred relics). Thus, they bear a large responsiblity, and as such, are chosen from among the best, most battle-hardened, elite warriors. In addition, they must have an unshakeable loyalty to that which they protect. They usually receive extensive training, and are well-disciplined fighters. Their sole occupation is that of guarding, and are always armed and prepared for battle, unlike militia units which only take up arms in time of war. However, a guard will not always be fighting; indeed, a large part of their time will be spent in monotonous patrolling, keeping stations, and monitoring the surroundings. Guards must learn to overcome the boredom associated with such monotonous tasks. Often, there will be a high level of risk involved if that which they guard is a high-priority target for hostile forces, so guards must either be courageous warriors or extremely loyal.

Guards in Valhalla

Figures with Guard Synergy/Attacks

  • Deathwalker 9000: Range Enhancement: Any Soulborg Guards adjacent to Deathwalker add 2 spaces to their range.
  • Warden 816: Guard Leadership: All Guards you control move one additional space.

D&D Heroscape Guards