Heroscape is a fully-customizable game system that lets you build your own battlefields, create your own armies, and battle the enemy using your own strategies. Choose from two Heroscape Master Sets and dozens of Heroscape Expansion Sets to wage a different battle every time! Beginners can play the Heroscape game in just minutes by the using the Basic Game Rules. Heroscape Master Rules provide special rules and powers that boost your battles to super-strategic levels!

New to Heroscape?

If you're new to the game, the best and most reliable site for all Heroscape related questions and answers is heroscapers.com, feel free to follow the link below.

Naturally, the first steps to playing Heroscape are to obtain a Master Set or at least a sizeable amount of terrain and variety of figures, which due to the game's discontinuity are all at a premium.

Typically, the best bet for any new player is to pick some squads and get multpiles of those to start as opposed to getting one of everything. The Swarm of the Marro Master set will have everything you need for a good foundation: multiples of squads (Marro Stingers and Marrden Nagrubs with bonding, for example), Heroes, and naturally a good amount of terrain. On the other hand, the classic Rise of the Valkyrie master set lacks common squads but makes up for this with some of the best figures in the game (as many players will agree, such as Raelin or the Krav Maga Agents) though typically demands a higher price.

If you are a past Heroscape player and or already have everything you need to start playing, consider seeking out one of the many active Heroscape groups or leagues. Again, heroscapers.com is a good place to start looking.


  • Heroscape is known to have several Norse references.
    • Valhalla (the gods' great hall/palace)
    • Valkyrie (angel-like beings that recruited humans for wars)
    • Nilfheim (Niflheim is the Underworld)
    • Jotun (a race of giants)


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