The Iron Golem, most powerful of constructs: fearless, unrelenting, and nigh indestructible. Standing over 12 feet tall, this lord of metal towers over pretenders at that title. It is almost totally immune to magic and highly resistant to normal weapons and physical attacks. The Warforged can claim sentience, even cherish a belief in their own souls and the possibility of an afterlife. The Iron Golem has neither of these things, and cares not at all. Indeed, should a Warforged encounter an Iron Golem one-on-one, the Warforged should expect to quickly put his belief in an afterlife to the test.


  • Life: 3
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 6
  • Defense: 6
  • Point Value: 100


  • Iron Tough:
    When rolling defense dice against a Special Attack, this Iron Golem always adds 2 automatic shields to whatever is rolled.
  • Lava Resistant:
    This Iron Golem never rolls for molten lava damage or lava field damage, and it does not have to stop on molten lava spaces.


Golem 2

The Iron Golem

The Iron Golem is an amazing hero killer, being able to roll a total 6 attack dice, without factoring height, glyphs, or any other bonuses. Its defense of 6 is astoundingly resilient, including the 2 dice bonus against special attacks. This unit is good against Dragons and other units that benefit largely from special abilities. Do not get this character surrounded, like many high defense/low life characters, an Iron Golem surrounded is likely to succumb to a quick ending due to a small amount of life. If anything, have range support for the Iron Golem, allowing it to participate in its swath of destruction, and having archers/gunmen to pick off the resolute fighters.

1. Iron Golem