Jandar's Oath (Wave 3) was released September 2005. Each pack contained figures and 2 two-hex tiles. Jandar received 3 heroes and 2 squads; Ullar received 1 hero and 1 squad; Vydar received 0 heroes and 2 squads; Einar received no new units; Utgar received 1 hero, 1 squad.


Heroes of Nostralund:

Time to bring in the "big guns"? These powerful warriors maybe just what the General ordered. Johnny Sullivan's Shotgun Blast can blow away several enemies at once and Alastair's repeat attacks can provide nasty little surprises. Kyrie Warriors Saylind and Concan protect and empower their fellow fighters and Deathwalker 7000 maybe the most deadly: he can inflict up to 8 wounds on all nearby foes and can block all enemy damage with just one shield.

Monks & Guards:

When attacking, Ullar's Shaolin Monks have the speed and ability to strike at all enemies nearby; and their unique Stealth Leap power enables them to bound over ruins, water and more. As defenders, Jandar's Sentinels are tough to penetrate: Shields of Valor double their defensive power and their flying power makes them swift and elusive on the battlefield. A wise Valhallan General will combine these awesome abilities for strategic advantage!

Kilts & Commandos:

Vydar's Microcorp Agents hit the battlefield with awesome gear: Stealth Armor to dodge enemy attacks, wetsuits to protect them in water and customized weaponry that pinpoints the enemy from great heights. Jandar's loyal MacDirk Warriors wage fierce attacks to avange their wound Human Champions and they provide extra turns for these powerful leaders, which may just turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Gorillas & Hounds:

These powerful squads from the planet Marr may give your army the edge it needs. Vydar's Gorillinators can move in quickly, strike from afar and boost their defense power when attacked. Utgar's Marrden Hounds gain extra powers when traveling in packs - and they an suddenly and unexpectedly infect the enemy with a deadly plague.