Growing up in the Republic of Texas, life was hard for little Johnny Sullivan. His family owned a huge ranch, which was constantly in danger from outlaws and cattle rustlers. Johnny had to learn early how to protect the ranch from outside dangers.

His father taught Johnny how to use all kinds of rifles and six-shooters. When Johnny Sullivan grew up, he decided that he wanted to be a lawman like Wyatt Earp or Bat Masterson. He became famous for holding off a whole group of outlaws all by himself with his favorite Shotgun. From then on, all the locals knew him as Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan.


  • Life: 5
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 7
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 2
  • Point Value: 65


  • Shotgun Blast Special Attack: Range 5. Attack 3.
    Choose a figure to attack. Any figures adjacent to the chosen figure are also affected by the Shotgun Blast Special Attack. Johnny only needs a clear sight shot at the chosen figure. Roll attack dice once for all affected figures. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. Johnny cannot be affected by his own Shotgun Blast Special Attack.


  • Otonashi: Tricky Speed 4
    Having a "Tricky" personality, Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan is able to boost Otonashi's movement with her Tricky Speed 4.


Shotgun is a Samurai-Killer, his special attack can bypass their counterstrike (or anyone else's) and his ability to hit multiple targets allows him to potentially kill an entire squad in one blast.

When using his special attack, Shotgun can potentially hit up to 7 figures when attacking a 1-hex figure or hit up to 9 figures when attacking a 2-hex figure.


  • Sullivan makes an appearance in one of the original Heroscape animated videos, where he assists Sgt. Drake Alexander and Raelin in battling the arachnoid sorceress Kee-Mo-Shi.
23. Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan