Ruthless, relentless, bloodthirsty Khosumet is perhaps the finest example of Utgar's rage. This vicious werewolf warrior is known as Utgar's "Grim Reaper", and with good reason: charging furiously into battle swinging his swift, razor-sharp khopesh, Khosumet is well equipped to cut a path of destruction through tough enemy lines. Friendly warriors who battle by his side become energized and even more deadly. Only utter defeat will stop him, and that will not be easy; Khosumet is well practiced in the art of defense, and his sturdy shield will easily block an attacker's blow.


  • Life: 3
  • Move: 6
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Points Value: 75


  • Relentless Assault:
    Each friendly figure adjacent to Khosumet with a relentless personality receives an additional attack die.
  • Unleashed Fury Enhancement:
    You may add 1 to your die roll when you roll for the Unleashed Fury power on any Army Card.


Behind the Game

Khosumet's name could be a variation on "the moon god is foremost."
Khonsu-: An Ancient Egyptian moon god
Meht: Is foremost


Khosumet is everything to the Anubian Wolves that the Venoc Warlord is to his Viper Scouts. Both the vipers and the wolves have glaring weaknesses and both their leaders were created to enhance them because of it. The vipers have 0 defense, their leader does boost their strengths (movement speed and Frenzy) but does not "fix" their weakness (i.e. no defense). The wolves' Unleashed Fury ability can potentially kill themselves, but Khosumet not only enhances the wolves' attack, but also "fixes" their weakness, preventing them from dying from their own ability. Because the Darklord is more useful to his squad than the Warlord is to his, Khosumet has lower health/attack/defence stats to better balance the character. This means that Khosumet should not be on the frontlines and used as a defense-only figure. No wolf army is complete without this essential wolf leader.

21. Khosumet the Darklord