Malliddon's Prophecy (Wave 1) was released January 2005. Each pack contained figures, 1 two-hex tile, 2 one-hex tiles, and a glyph. Jandar received 1 heroine and 1 squad; Ullar received 1 hero and 1 squad; Vydar received no new units; Einar recevied 1 hero and 2 squads; Utgar received 2 heroes and 2 squads.


Heroes of Bleakwoode

The battle is getting tougher. New heroes are needed to lead the armies to victory. Jandar, Ullar, Einar, and Utgar are seeking reinforcements. These unique heroes bring special powers and abilities to your army. Taelord's and Kelda's ability to fly enable them to move over obstacles such as water, ruins, and their enemies. The Venoc Warlord can slither through water without stopping, while Marcus and Tornak add strength to their comrades.

The Glyph of Lodin increases the luck of your army.

The IX Roman Legion

Einar, in his quest to help Utgar control the wellsprings, has summoned additional warriors to fight with the fearsome Grimnak. A squad of 4 Roman Legionnaires and a squad of 3 Roman Archers are ready at your command. These Archers and Legionaires with their special powers and abilities will add strength and power to your armies.

The Glyph of Jalgard will increase your army's defense!

Grut Orcs

To support Grimnak and Deathwalker 9000 in battle, Utgar has summoned more warriors to join the fight. Now you can build more into your army with a squad of 4 Blade Gruts or a squad of 3 Arrow Gruts. The powers and abilities of these Grut warriors strengthen your armies for all future battles.

The Glyph of Sturla, the counterpart to the Glyph of Mitonsol, can revive your fallen warriors.

Snipers and Vipers

Jandar needs more warriors to continue his battle against the evil Utgar. Together he and Ullar have summoned additional soldiers to help in the fight. The snake-like Venoc Vipers are able to slither through the water, advancing faster towards the enemy. The deadly shot of the Soulborg Omnicron Snipers is sure to help in all future battles. The special powers and abilites of these Snipers and Vipers will add speed and power to your army.

The Glyph of Rannveig will prevent flyers from duplicating your Vipers' water powers or quickly reaching your Snipers' height.