A commander of the IX Legion, Marcus Decimus Gallus led his troops through a thick mist while patrolling northern Britain, and entered the war-engulfed world of Valhalla. Marcus Decimus is a born leader who can inspire any soldier to move faster and attack more forcefully, regardless of their species or homeland.


  • Life: 6
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Point Value: 100


  • Soldier Leadership:
    All Soldiers you control move one additional space.
  • Soldier Attack Enhancement:
    All friendly Soldiers adjacent to Marcus Decimus Gallus receive an additional attack die.



As Marcus is a Roman, it makes sense to use him with the Roman Legionnaires. And while he does work well with them, increasing the Legionnaires' move (which is very low), and they have Warlord Bonding, his true strength comes when you use him with ranged units like the 4th Massachusetts Line, 10th Regiment of Foot, or the Airborne Elite . In order for soldiers to get that additional attack die, they have to be adjacent to him. This works well with the Sacred Band too, but it's better for them to be adjacent to Parmenio . Surround Marcus with the Minute Men or British and let him sit there. Those little guys will now all have attacks of 4 (if they don't move), potentially 5 if they are all on a higher level. Airborne Elite will have a beautiful range 8 attack of 4, 5 if on a higher level.

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