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The Marrden Nagrubs are not of the race of Marro, but so often appear with them on the field of battle that they are always associated with them in the minds of their enemies. Appearing to be some type of deadly massive hound, they are fierce monsters showing even fiercer loyalty to their Marro Hivelord master.

Jungle thatches, swampy marshes, and mountain cliff faces seem to be no barrier to a running Marrden Nagrub as it moves swiftly over the most difficult levels of terrain. Ferocious fighting creatures, they show no sign of leaving a battle once the combat begins.


  • Move: 6
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 2
  • Point Value: 30
  • Figures Per Squad: 3


  • Hivelord Life Bonding:
    Before taking a turn with Marrden Nagrubs, you may first take a turn with any Hivelord you control. Before moving the chosen Hivelord, you may destroy one adjacent Marrden Nagrub you control. If you destroy a Marrden Nagrub with Hivelord Life Bonding, remove 1 wound marker from the chosen Hivelord's Army Card.
  • Climb X2:
    When moving up or down levels of terrain, Marrden Nagrubs may double their Height.


Behind the Game

A Marrden Nagrub

Nagrubs were the first "small" figure squad to possess the bonding ability and are the only small figure to be released in a Master Set. They were the first squad to have a bonding power with an additional feature, in this case the ability to heal their Hivelord, albeit at the cost of one of the squad figures.

On at least one edition of Swarm of the Marro, the Basic Game side of the Marrden Nagrubs army card is missing the game set information, listing only the homeworld and figure numbers.


Nagrubs, being so cheap, have many uses. One strategy is to gather a couple of squads and follow a rampaging Hivelord, healing him as he goes. Another is to have them swarm weaker infantry or heroes and duke it out. Even if it is hopeless, it's a great stalling technique while you shoot with other figures or chase down an enemy hero.

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