Dwelling amongst the jagged peaks of the Mountains of Kyrien, the Minions were recruited into the ranks of Utgar's vast hordes long before the first wellsprings were discovered. This warrior society holds the strength of arms and the might of steel above all virtues. Fearless and blind with rage, the Minions take their battle-hardened cruelty to the enemies of their lord Utgar. Swooping in with axes raised high, they take aim with such force that they do twice the damage of a normal warrior.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 4
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 6
  • Points: 110
  • Figures Per Squad: 3


  • Utgar's Orders:
    Instead of taking a turn with the Minions of Utgar, you may take a turn with any Kyrie Warrior you control who follows Utgar.
  • Deadly Strike:
    When attacking with Minions of Utgar all skulls rolled count for one additional hit. (ie: 2 skulls rolled inflicts 4 wounds)
  • Flying:
    When counting spaces for Minion of Utgar's movement, ignore elevations. Minions of Utgar may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When Minions of Utgar starts to fly, if he is engaged he will take any leaving engagement attacks.


  • Khosumet the Darklord: Relentless Assault
    Having a "Relentless" personality, Minions of Utgar may benefit from Khosumet the Darklord’s Relentless Assault ability.
  • Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior: Kyrie Leadership
    Being Kyrie, Minions of Utgar receive one addition movement from Atlaga's Kyrie Leadership ability.


The Minions of Utgar are a squad that, used correctly, can own the board. The best usage of these figures is get them on height. The Deadly Strike ability can change the game. Get them height and as many attack boosters as possible. If you want these figures in your army, draft Taelord or Runa. Because Taelord gives them an extra attack die, or Runa gives you a random chance to kill power figures. Either combo is not suggested in a standard five-hundred point army, but in a one-thousand + point battle these combos can be quite useful. These figures would be a reason to draft Khosumet the Darklord because any extra attack that they can get is helpful. These guys could be comparable to the Omnicron Snipers in general strategy, boost their attack and defence to the max, and wreak havoc among your opponent's figures. Just be warned, you have to have something to back them up with, and not have TOO many "Cheerleader" units in your army.

4 5 6. Minions of Utgar