Exclusive Sets were given away at special events or are were exclusively at stores. They are considered to be official Heroscape figures and are thus allowed in competative tournaments.

Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set - Walmart Edition

Viper's Vengeance: Elite Onyx Vipers

The Elite Onyx Vipers were a bonus to anyone who bought a Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set in Wal-Mart during the Holiday Season of 2005. They were later made more widely available when released in Valkrill's Gambit, along with Sir Hawthorne and Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider.

Promo Figures - Gencon Exclusives

Nerak's Return: Nerak the Glacial Swog Rider

Sir Hawthorne's Arrival: Sir Hawthorne

The Master's Arrival: Master Win Chiu Woo

Skahen's Rescue: Agent Skahen

The Gencon Exclusives are by far the most expensive Heroscape figures. They were not only given away at Gencon, but still very rare. However, later in Wave 10, Nerak, Sir Hawthorne and the Elite Onyx Vipers were released as standard figures. It is unknown if other promo figure would have been released in a similar format.

Crest of the Valkyrie - Toys R' Us Exclusives

Jandar: Sir Gilbert
Ullar: Acolarh
Vydar: Laglor
Einar: Hatamoto Taro
Utgar: Ornak

Aquilla: Aquilla has no standardbearer as her army did not exist yet when the Crest of the Valkyrie sets were released. It is unknown if Milton Brandly would have made one for her.

Valkrill: Valkrill does not have a standardbearer as he is exclusive to the D&D subgame and not an official faction of the classic game.

The Crest of the Valkyrie contained flag bearers for each army. They generally give bonuses to units of the same General, or allow more units of the same General to be activated. They also all included unique combat dice which had the "blank" side repleaced with their General's Insignia. While they could be used as ordinary combat dice; at least one power on each card involved the use of these dice, such as converting the insignia into a skull or shield for certain units or allowing units to move extra spaces and other abilities.


Samuel Brown - An unreleased promo unit - repainted 4th Mass. Not generally considered official but considered an "Officially Unreleased" figure.