Gruts that show great poise and leadership are recruited early to become fearsome Swog Riders. The Grut and Swog are bonded together and undergo years of training until they move, fight, and think as one savage beast. The Swog Riders are held in great esteem by other Gruts, especially the Arrow Gruts, and Swog Riders become leaders of these squads. Even one Swog Rider can instill acts of greatness in an otherwise average archer squad. When several Riders rally around the archers, the Arrow Gruts become capable of deadly attacks that become the stuff of legend.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 8
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Point Value: 25 pts


  • Disengage:
    Swog Rider is never attacked when leaving an engagement.
  • Orc Archer Enhancement:
    All friendly Orc Archers adjacent to a Swog Rider receive an additional attack die and an additional defense die.


  • Arrow Gruts: Beast Bonding
    As a Beast, the Swog Rider may benefit from Arrow Gruts’ Beast Bonding ability.
  • Orc Archer Enhancement:
    Orc Archer Units
    Arrow Gruts
  • Death Chasers of Thesk: Taskmaster Bonding
    As a Large Wild Hero, the Swog Rider may benefit from Death Chasers of Thesk's Taskmaster Bonding ability.

Behind the Game

  • Multiple Enhancements for Arrow Gruts
    If I have multiple Swog Riders around an Orc Archer, does that Archer receive multiple enhancements from the Orc Archer Enhancement special power?
    Yes, Orc Archer enhancement would stack for each Swog Rider you have adjacent to an Orc Archer. (Hasbro FAQ)


The Swog Rider was created to boost the Arrow Gruts. With a single swog rider's boost they only have two 2 attack and defense, so draft multiple. A couple of these figures make the arrow gruts a decent squad. A combo that's rather fun to play is two of these figures, two squads of Arrow Gruts, and Krug. Pile your order markers on the Gruts, and you can take a turn with one of these or Krug, and then pelt your opponent with weak attacks. This is only 250 points, so you have some wiggle room to draft pretty much anything you want. Mimring is a good option, seeing as the Gruts bond with him.

7. Swog Rider