Thaelenk Tundra was the third Terrain Wave, released 2006. It contained tiles, glaciers, glacier ice bases, and a common squad.


Thaelenk Tundra

In the vast wasteland of the northern tundra Thaelenk, lays a great Jandarian stronghold. Few have ever tried to oppose it. None have even succeeded in making it to the fortress doors; for in that frozen, desolate land dwell the wild Dzu-Teh. The ivory fur that covers these beasts not only serves to shield them from the harsh cold, but also hides them from the sight of their enemies in that immense snow-driven terrain. The Dzu-Teh have become masters at using the glacial peaks jutting from the landscape to ambush any that trespass on their land. But for reasons unknown even to Jandar himself, the Dzu-Teh are fiercely loyal to him and have never challenged any troops bearing his colors.

  • 6 glaciers
  • 6 glacier ice bases
  • 21 ice tiles
  • 12 single-hex snow tiles
  • 12 double-hex snow tiles