Thora's Vengance (Wave 5) was released 2006. Each pack contained figures and 2 two-hex tiles. Jandar received no new units; Ullar received 1 squad; Vydar received 2 squads; Einar received 3 heroes and 2 squads; Utgar received 2 squads.


Gladiators & Agents:

Any who approach these warriors should use extreme caution. They could be blinded by the Nakita Agents' smoke power. Or lose their defense power in the massive net of Retiarius. Or be overpowered in the intensified battle skills of Gladiators inspired by Spartacus. And the mighty shield of Crixus can fend off even the most vicious attacks!

Ninjas & Samurai:

Ninjas of the Northern Wind: With their power to disappear and to walk through friendly or enemy forces, these sly, unpredictable, warriors can be almost impossible to track.

Kozuke Samurai: When attacking, these warriors can charge up to an extra 3 spaces. When defending, their special counterattack power enables them to strike back with deadly force!


Their power-enhancing bonding abilities make these warriors a commanding force on the battlefield. Deathstalkers possess the Maul power, which can inflict triple the damage and nullify an enemy's defense. With their Homing Device, Blastatrons empower their brothers-in-arms with extra moves and attack strength. could this be the edge you've been looking for?

Warriors & Soulborgs:

Warriors of Ashra: Their powers of defensive agility serve these tricky Elven warriors well in battle. When attacked, they react swiftly and often escape injury.

Deathreavers: These Soulborgs travel quickly, defend well in battle and never take disengagement hits. When attacked, they scatter up to 4 spaces, makes these robotic rodents difficult to pursue.