General Ullar

Ullar is one of the original five Valkyrie Generals and is the current Archkyrie of Ekstrom. He was originally allied only to Jandar, but during the Swarm of the Marro, he has joined forces with Vydar, Einar and Aquilla to crush the evil dominion of Utgar's army. Ullar's otherworld units are paticulary drawn from the planet Feylund in favor of the race of Elves that inhabit it. He also has enlisted Kyntela Gwyn's mount, a Gryphillin named Theracus, a wind dragon king named Charos from Icaria, Shaolin Monks, and following the apparent Lawman and Ninja trend, Deadeye Dan and Moriko, among other apparent passive-aggressive characters and races that fight fiercely when called to do so. The Protectors of Ullar make up his Valhallan army, with two heros: Saylind and Atlaga. In the event of the venture into the Southern continent's jungles to wipe out the Marro Hive, he selected Sonlen the Archmage Elf as his representative.

Ullar is often thought of as the "fantasy" general, in the sword-and-sorcery fantasy concept as most of his units are taken from that theme. He is often considered a more long-ranged based general, as Syvarris and Deadeye Dan show clearly. However, he is also keen on getting a large number of attacks in during his turn, as Syvarris, the Aubrien Archers, and several of his Vipers show. He also holds many records, such as highest Life (Charos), highest default Attack (Jotun), longest Range (Deadeye Dan), the most expensive Point Value (Jotun) and the lowest defense (Venoc vipers).

Ullar's Army

Ullar's army consists of:


Archers: Syvarris, Aubrien Archers

Wizard: Morsbane, Acolarh, Kyntela Gwyn, Chardris, Emirroon, Ulginesh, Jorhdawn, Arkmer

Archmages: Sonlen

Warriors: Warriors of Ashra


Warriors: Saylind the Kyrie Warrior, Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior

Protectors: Protectors of Ullar

Dragon - (Wind)

King: Charos


Monks: Shaolin Monks

Ninjas: Moriko

Lawmen: Deadeye Dan


Warlords: Venoc Warlord

Scouts: Elite Onyx Vipers, Venoc Vipers

Protectors: Armoc Vipers


Warrior: Jotun


Scout: Theracus

D&D Heroscape

The Subtheme D&D also released some figures with Ullar cards, however these figures are considered part of the D&D Subtheme line and are not considered to be part of Ullar's offical army.

Eladrin (properly: High Elves)

Battlemage: Sharwin Wildborn


Ranger: Brandis Skyhunter


Warriors: Greenscale Warriors

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