Vydar is one of the original five major Valkyrie Generals. He is Archkyrie of Anund, owner of the once magnificient Montfre Manor, and is the most reclusive and mysterious of the Valkyrie Generals. He was originally usually allied with Jandar and Ullar but has been known to work with Utgar and Einar on occasion. Of the five original generals, Vydar was the "true" neutral general of the three nuetral generals (Ullar, Vydar and Einar) and was the only general who did not give his whole support to one side or the other, but now he is now currently allied with Jandar, Einar, Ullar and Aquilla. His original purpose for participating in the war is unknown, but he only allies with the other four benign generals in order to free the pollution the Marro race was causing in Upper Ostriyick. His people have abandoned him, leaving him a miserable lord, and he complements his cold heart with an army of living steel, undead, and secret organizations.

No one knows his true intentions, and his anger with being abandoned only mentions a fragile alliance, in order to wreak vengeance upon Utgar for poisoning his land. This is an excerpt from the conversation Vydar was having with Jandar's and Ullar's ambassadors:

“You only wish to what?! To change the flow of our rivers’ water to move upstream?! The water that feeds our land runs out of Upper Bleakwoode and Ostriyick. It has become tainted by Utgar’s hordes. Vile and disgusting creatures, they plague the land with their filth. And my own people turn against me. They blame me for this! Fools! They believe that we can simply escape war by running from it. They’ve retreated south into Kinsland, beyond my protective reach. I’ve been abandoned by my own people, my land is dying, and my armies wear thin trying to wrest control of the water’s source from Utgar. Now what is it you think I have to offer your mutual friendship?”

Vydar is usally thought of as the "tech" general, technically he is the most powerful of all the Valkyrie in as far as his summoning power goes. Vydar is able to summon beings from the future (an ability only he seems to have mastered) and usually summons powerful advanced aliens beings. The oddest being in his army however is Sudema, an Undead queen from Feylund. She was the first undead figure released in the game, however all other undead figures since have been allied with Utgar.

Vydar's Army

Vydar's army consists of:


Agents: Agent Carr, Agent Skahen, Krav Maga Agents, Microcorp Agents, Nakita Agents

Lawmen: James Murphy

Ninja: Otonashi

Shadow Assassins: Mika Connour

Frostragers: Evar Scarcarver

Soulborg - Trons

Hunters: Gladiatrons

Guards: Blastatrons

Majors: Major Q9, Major Q10, Major X17


Agents: Gorillinators

Alphallon: Laglor


Queen: Braxas

Wyrmling: Black Wyrmling


Hunter: Dünd


Queen: Sudema


Constructs: Iron Golem


Soldiers: Warforged Soldiers

Wizards: Heirloom

Juggernaut: Siege

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