Zanafor's Discovery (Wave 4) was released 2006. Each pack contained 5 or 6 figures and 2 two-hex tiles. Jandar received no new units; Ullar received 2 heroes and 2 squads; Vydar received 3 heroes and 1 squad; Einar recevied 2 heroes and 2 squads; Utgar received no new units.


Heroes of Trollsford:

These 5 death-defying heroes possess special powers that can stir up trouble for the opposition. Valguard has First Assualt and Beserker Charge Enhancement powers. Sudema's Stare of Stone can instantly strike down her adversaries. Morsbane's Rod of Negation can cancel an enemy's power. Parmenio's Sacred Band Defy Death powers can bring his fellow warriors back to life. Major X17 immobilizes enemies with his improved Cyberclaw and his Melee Defense 4 addes 4 extra dice in hand-to-hand combat.

Lawmen & Samurai:

The Lawmen: Deadeye Dan, Guilty McCreech and James Murphy are a wild bunch of gun-blazing cowboys known for their special attacks: Sharpshooter, Ullar Enhanced Rifle, Whip, and Double Attack.

The Samurai: These fast-moving Tagawa Samurai have a bloodcurdling combo of special powers: Counterstrike boosts their defense and Bloodlust gives them extra attack die with every defeat.

Soulborgs & Elves:

The Soulborgs: Hand-to-hand combat with these Gladiatrons can get ugly. When adjacent, their Cyberclaws can immobilize the enemy and their Melee Defense power gives them extra protection in every battle.

The Elves: These fast-firing Aubrien Archers can move in quickly and do serious damage. Their long-range Frenzy attack can surprise the enemy with a hard-hitting double strike.

Greeks & Vipers:

The Greeks: The bonding power of the Sacred Band is awesome indeed. They give extra turns to Einar's Warlords and get extra defense when fighting alongside other disciplined warriors.

The Vipers: These slithery Armoc Vipers bond with Ullar Warlords and give them extra turns. And of course, they have the Viper advantage of moving quickly through water.